Our philosophy

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we are proud to say that our service personnel, who are excellently trained, are capable of finding a rapid solution for even the most immediate of problems. Our machines are used around the world under severe conditions. In order to avoid problems, we already focus in particular on machine reliability and availability during the design process. If, despite this, you should need any help, rest assured that we are at your service! You can reach our experienced service personnel daily on workdays between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. by telephone or e-mail. In urgent cases, we can also be contacted 24/7 outside these office hours at our mobile number. The Siemens control systems used on our machines provide the customer with a range of tools (error diagnosis, sensor test, modem, etc.) to enable analysis of any fault in the event of a malfunction. These tools also enable us to find a solution by telephone for the malfunction which has occurred.

If a consultation by telephone cannot help, a service technician from PTF Häusser GmbH can also be on site in 24 hours within Europe and solve the problem!

PTF Häusser GmbH has service partners in Europe, Asia, Australia and America. These partners possess the necessary technical know-how for machine servicing, maintenance and repair and keep stocks of spare parts to ensure the quickest possible service for you.

Spare parts:

We keep stocks of spare parts for all machine types at our production location in Borgholzhausen. Shipping of spare parts is also organised daily on workdays between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., and any part (under 50 kg) can be shipped to the customer in 24 hours within Europe. A forwarding agent is commissioned for parts larger than 50 kg, with shipping taking two to three days in this case.


Regular maintenance of your systems and machinery reduces unanticipated downtimes and repairs. On concluding a service contract with us, we will plan the intervals together with you and notify you when maintenance is due. In addition, we can realise repairs and installation or fitting work for you and also organise the conversion, expansion or modification of your production lines on your behalf.

You can reach our service personnel by telephone at:

+49 (0)5425930828 or  +49 (0) 5425930827.

We can also be reached by e-mail at: