Rotowrap BO Bale Opener

Rotowrap BO Bale Opener

Careful dismantling of square bales
Rotowrap BO - How does it work?

Wrapped square bales are frequently sent to waste incinerator plants for burning. The bales need to be broken up at the plant prior to incineration.  This first requires cutting of the binding wires on the bale, followed by cutting open of the film to release the product from the wrapping. The Rotowrap BO (Bale Opener) is a superior-quality semi-automatic solution which meets all these requirements.


Machine equipment

Hydraulic unit:

The Bale opener Rotowrap BO has an integrated hydraulic unit which is electrically powered by a 5.5 kW motor. The electric motor is automatically deactivated if the machine is stationary for a longer period, thus saving electric power and avoiding unnecessary heating of the oil.

Wire cutting device and film cutting device:

The hydraulically operated wire cutting system is mounted on the tilting table. It cuts through the underside of the bale. The bale is held firmly in position by the two lateral guides folded in on each side.   There are blades on the lateral guides and the tilting table which cut the film on the bale during the folding action.

The tilting table: 

The bale is deposited on the tilting table by the operator using a loader. Cutting of the film and wire is realised on the tilting table. Following this procedure, the bale is then pitched into the waste bunker by the tilting table.  This is operated using the remote control.