Square bale wrapping machines from PTF Häusser GmbH
PRODUCTS from PTF Häusser GmbH

Rotowrap series 30, 40 and 50 square bale wrappers are the ideal solution for wrapping square bales of different dimensions.
The Rotowrap series is distinguished by a commonsensical design, superior-quality German components, precision technology and a high level of performance and reliability. Our Rotowrap products are the first choice for discerning customers in the recycling industry who set great value on having a high automated throughput and consistent performance level under all conditions for their facilities.

Moreover, we also provide alternative systems for a range of problems associated with wrapping of waste bales, such as the waste bale wrapper Rotowrap TT, and since April 2018 the newly developed Rotowrap WR4+4, the BO bale opener and our dirt discharge systems.

Rotowrap TT

up to 15 bales/h

Rotowrap WR4+4

50-80 bales/h