Rotowrap series 30, 40 and 50

Rotowrap series 30, 40 and 50

Your high-performance wrapping machine!

Machine types in the Rotowrap series bale wrapping system differ in terms of the components they are equipped with for automated bale conveying. The wrapping unit used to wrap bales is the same for all plant types, with these being designated Rotowrap series 30, Rotowrap series 40 or Rotowrap series 50, depending on the equipment involved.

Special features of Rotowrap bale wrapping system:

In contrast to all other systems, both the rotations necessary for the complete wrapping of a square bale are realised simultaneously with the Rotowrap system.  Turning of the bale through oscillating pairs of rollers achieves a uniform, reliable and controlled rotation around the longitudinal bale axis.  The wrapping arm with the film prestretcher rotates simultaneously around the vertical axis of the square bale during this. This saves time during the wrapping process and achieves the best possible sealing of the bale. This technique also saves film, in contrast to the two-stage systems of competitors.


  • versatile machine
  • Highest throughput (up to 100 tonnes/hour and up to 50 bales/hour)
  • Practical design
  • Quality German components
  • Fully automatic operation reduces personnel needs
  • Economical film consumption
  • Exact and tightly sealed wrapping (55% overlapping of film layers)
  • Compatible with all baler manufacturer
  • User-adaptation of film layers possible, depending on the material, storage time and handling or transportation volume
  • Suitable for the most varied materials (MSW,SRF,RDF)
Rotowrap series 30, 40 and 50 - How does it work?

Rotowrap series 30, 40 and 50 square bale wrappers are the ideal solution for wrapping square bales of different dimensions and weights.

The Rotowrap series is distinguished by a commonsensical design, superior-quality German components, precision technology and a high level of performance and reliability. Our Rotowrap products are the first choice for discerning customers in the recycling industry who value plant with a high automated throughput and consistent performance level under all conditions.


The Rotowrap wrapper features superior-quality equipment to meet the demanding requirements of the recycling industry:

  • Rapid bale positioning with the robust conveyor system
  • Hydraulic cutting and holding device
  • Automatic “square bale levelling”
  • Oscillating roller pairs
  • Rapidly rotating wrapping arm
  • and a hydraulic unit integrated in the frame arch

The patented roller angle measurement unit ensures the achievement of uniform wrapping, regardless of the square bale size and shape, and enables the additional wrapping of particular parts (e.g. corners).

Rotowrap - Wrapping unit

Hydraulic unit: 

The Rotowrap is operated with a fully integrated load-sensing hydraulic unit. This unit is electrically powered by an 18.5 KW Siemens motor and equipped with a load-sensing pump from Bosch Rexroth. The oil delivery is reversed when the unit is stationary. This saves electric power and avoids unnecessary heating of the oil.

Cutting and holding device:

The hydraulic cutting and holding device bundles and cuts the wrapping film reliably and cleanly. During this, it holds the film automatically ready under the roughest conditions for the next bale.

Oscillating wrapping rollers:

The two roller pairs can be freely pivoted, despite being firmly mounted in a frame.  This ensures that the rollers maintain close contact with the bale at all times. The frames are raised and lowered hydraulically to lift the bale from the conveyor system. This patented system is known as oscillating rollers. The rotating wrapping arm and the oscillating rollers rotate the bale in a fixed relationship to each other. As a consequence, the film is drawn out by the prestretcher unit and uniformly applied to the bale with an overlap of 55%.

Film prestretcher:

The 750mm wide film in the film prestretcher is wound up by the two prestretcher rollers and prestretched at a fixed percentage rate through the two different speeds of the prestretcher rollers. The film prestretcher can be equipped with different gearwheel pairs and is available for a prestretching range of 35 – 70 %.

The prestretcher is equipped with a rapid film roll changing system which firmly locks the film roll during wrapping and ensures rapid insertion of the new film roll.

 The two prestretchers rotate in a circle around the turning bale. This ensures uniform prestretching of the film where different bale side lengths are involved and even application of the prestretched film on the bale.

The Rotowrap bale wrapping system was the first system in the recycling industry to be fitted exclusively with 750 mm film prestretchers.


The advantages are clearly evident:

  • Improved sealing of bales through greater overlapping
  • High wrapping speed
  • Greater availability
  • Lower energy costs
  • Longer service life

Others on the market have followed our example and now also equip their machines with 750 mm film prestretchers in response to customer wishes.

The main conveyor in the wrapping unit between the wrapping rollers:

The chain conveyor system is of a sophisticated design, with excellent running characteristics on wear-resistant rails ensuring an absolute minimum of maintenance and, consequently, an extremely long service life. The Rübig forged chain used is of a detachable hooked link design developed for rugged applications such as this. Two different types of carrier are welded to this chain, The first version is designed to pull the bale from the ramp or take bales from a feeder conveyor.  Following conveying of the bale into the wrapping unit using this carrier, the second carrier type is moved under the bale during wrapping. This carrier conveys the bale out of the wrapping unit to the depositing belt.

The main conveyor is powered by a hydraulic motor.

Rotowrap - Bale conveyor system

Rubber belt conveyor:

In delivering this bale conveyor system, PTF Häusser GmbH provides you with a rolling removal conveyor belt as the ideal solution for conveying task involving heavy bales.

It is designed for maximum performance during continuous operation, being fitted with a particularly robust rubber sliding belt conveyor resistant to oil and grease. Different belt and drum cleaning systems minimise downtimes and maintenance stoppages.

The solid frame structure, a sophisticated and robust roller system and an appropriate belt with drive and tensioning drums meet every requirement and can effortlessly convey both wrapped and non-wrapped bales of the most varied materials, such as waste (MSW) or refuse derived/solid recovered fuels (RDF, SRF).

Powered roller conveyor:

The bale roller conveyor from PTF Häusser GmbH is delivering a rolling removal conveyor system as an ideal solution for all conveying task involving bales.

The newly optimised roller conveyor enables the conveying of wrapped bales with the aid of individual chain-driven heavy duty rollers.  The rollers used are from the German manufacturer Rollex and equipped with a steel double sprocket. The powered roller conveyor is available in a standard length of 6000 mm and has 30 support rollers.

Rotowrap - Dirt removal systems

Numerous plant operators turn to Rotowrap dirt removal systems to tackle a few difficult material fractions, with every customer need and even the most individual of requirements being met to date.

Press disintegration losses:

The bale is pushed onto the wrapper conveyor system via a ramp by the press, with loose small particles created during pressing of the bale also being pushed onto the wrapping unit conveyor system. These small particles are known as press disintegration losses, and they are usually encountered on every press, depending on the type and material being pressed. These disintegration losses need to be handled by every wrapping system downstream of the press.However, our system collects these disintegration losses centrally under the wrapping unit. These disintegration losses are encountered over the entire conveyor length in the case of a two-stage wrapping system.

Wrapper disintegration losses:

The square bale is raised by the chain conveyor during the Rotowrap system wrapping process. The lower side of the bale is exposed during this and disintegration losses on the bale also drop down as wrapper disintegration losses. Disintegration losses on the upper side of the bale are intercepted by the film during raising and rotating of the bale. This can be achieved with extreme ease through special program variants. Disintegration losses of other systems are insignificantly lower than those of the Rotowrap system, but irrelevant when compared to the large volumes of press disintegration losses, as these need to be handled in any event in an optimum manner by every wrapping machine manufacturer with a suitable dirt removal system.


The Rotowrap wrapping system produces insignificantly more disintegration losses than two-stage wrapping systems. However, as a considerable volume of disintegration losses is conveyed out of the press into the wrapping unit in the case of difficult material fractions, these must be removed using an automated system. The customer should be provided with well-designed dirt removal systems manufactured to suit its special requirements for this purpose. All disintegration losses occur centrally in the Rotowrap system under the rotating bale in the wrapping unit and can be conveyed from here out of the machine using the optionally available dirt removal system.

Rotowrap Serie 30, 40 and 50

The different machine versions
Rotowrap 30

Machine equipment:

The wrapping unit and chain conveyor are located downstream of the bale ramp. The bale is picked up by the chain conveyor carriers and conveyed into the wrapping unit. The chain conveyor is 6 m long and hydraulically driven. Following wrapping, the bale is deposited and conveyed by the chain conveyor to the bale discharge system. The standard bale discharge system consists of a 6 m long electrically powered roller conveyor. The bale is removed by a forklift (with bale forks) at the end of the roller conveyor. The roller conveyor can be optionally equipped with a remote control for the unloading process.


  • Powerful machine for normal operational requirements
  • up to 70 t/h or 35 bales/h
  • 6 m Rübig chain conveyor, hydraulic
  • 6 m bale discharge system, electric
  • Optional remote control for bale discharge system
Rotowrap 40

Machine equipment:

The hydraulically driven feeder conveyor is located downstream of the bale ramp and, with a length of 1.8 m, designed to separate and buffer the bale. The bale is conveyed from there on the chain conveyor into the wrapping unit. The chain conveyor is 4.2 m long and hydraulically driven. Following wrapping, the bale is deposited on the chain conveyor and conveyed on the bale discharge system.  This bale discharge system is a rolling removal belt conveyor. It is electrically powered and 5.7 m long.The bale is removed by a forklift (with bale forks) at the end of the belt conveyor. The belt conveyor can be optionally equipped with a remote control for the unloading process.

  • Powerful machine for enhanced operational requirements
  • up to 90 t/h or 45 bales/h
  • 1.8 m feeder conveyor, hydraulic
  • 4.2 m Rübig chain conveyor, hydraulic
  • 5.7 m long, 1.4 m wide belt conveyor bale discharge system, electric
  • Optional remote control for bale discharge system
Rotowrap 50

Machine equipment:

The machine equipment is the same as that of the Rotowrap 40, except for one decisive difference: the wrapping unit of this machine is equipped with four prestretchers. The rotating wrapping arm wraps the bale simultaneously with four film rolls at the same rotating speed. The wrapping time is reduced by up to 50% as a result.

  • highest machine efficiency for the maximum throughput
  • up to 110 t/h or 55 bales/h
  • Reduction of wrapping time by up to 50%
  • 1.8 m feeder conveyor, hydraulic
  • 4.2 m Rübig chain conveyor, hydraulic
  • 5.7m long, 1.4m wide belt conveyor bale discharge system, electric
  • Optional remote control for bale discharge system
Rotowrap series 30, 40 and 50 as mobile version with hook lift system

PTF Häusser GmbH also supplies series 30, 40 and 50 machines as mobile versions on a hook lift system for rapid implementation at different production locations. The equipment of the machines is practically the same.